Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Cathy Zuill

- Founder and Teacher

Almost 20 years ago Cathy Zuill founded the Red Beach Early Learning Centre, as a result of a lack of high quality early childhood education on the Hibiscus Coast. As a mum, she knew what kind of services her own children and others would benefit from. Small groups of children, qualified teachers and a safe, happy and stimulating environment, were the key ingredients of Cathy’s vision.

The location was perfect; it had warmth, light, and a peaceful setting with access to beaches, parks and recreational facilities. The Centre was built to the highest standards, with dedicated indoor learning areas and an all weather outdoor playground. Never once did Cathy aspire to be considered a mainstream ‘daycare’ facility, or have a location based on roadside visibility.

Cathy built the Red Beach Early Learning Centre to provide the highest care for young minds, and has always believed in keeping groups small. Embracing a traditional learning environment, a forward thinking program rich in literacy and numeracy and a holistic approach, to meet the needs of every child.

Years later, Cathy has remained steadfast in her philosophy, confident that her approach to growing great kids, doesn’t come from modern and clinical environments. Encouraging kiwi-kids to be themselves in a natural environment, learning through observation, exploration, interaction and of course play.

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